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In the subconscious minds of others, looking good is as important as what we say or how we say it. Lend credibility to your presentations by having Holly Hosler help you design them.

Bonus: Free copyediting is part of the package.


I have always been drawn to presentation software because it combines two of my loves: the written word and graphic design. I began college as a computer graphic arts major back in the days when it consisted of a double major in computer science and fine arts. PowerPoint represents the best of both worlds as something that can be programmed and also be aesthetically pleasing. I have trained two teams of my coworkers about the more creative features of PowerPoint. But I know most people hate it. If that person is you and you would rather have someone else make your presentation look exceptional (spelling counts!), read on.

I take a creative approach to presentation design while stressing my own design values of simplicity and clarity. I'm a firm believer that with presentations less is more, that is, each slide should have few words. (If you need more words, simply create more slides!) While slide transitions should be subtle and unnoticeable and animation should be avoided, some rare occasions deserve presentation pizzazz. That is why I have created presentation innovations such as showcasing the front and back of a postcard on a single slide through flip over animation controlled by advancing to NEXT.

While my forte and strongest knowledge is in PowerPoint, I also own Keynote and have experience with Prezi. However, I will try to work with you even if your team uses different presentation software - I would be happy to explore new options.

Want to impress your audience with your next presentation's visuals? Email me or call 443-253-3897.

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