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Why Your Blog Post Must Have a Call-to-Action

I have been writing a lot of blog posts for clients lately – is that a 2020 trend? – and one of my clients recently expressed that she had a difficult time including a call-to-action in her web and blog copy. “It feels so market-y,” she said, and I know exactly what she means.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply be our authentic, high-quality selves and have people discover us and want to buy our services? For most of us, promoting ourselves and asking for a sale are not comfortable and natural. Because I was a third party, I had no qualms at all about writing a call-to-action, or CTA, at the end of my client’s blog post – I told her it was absolutely necessary – and she uploaded the copy to her blogging service with the CTA included.

If only I had been practicing what I was preaching.

On February 27, 2020, my blog post about “orthopedic” vs. “orthopaedic” went viral. As far as I can surmise, someone posted it to an online Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) bulletin board, where it was seen by several hospital leaders. My web traffic jumped 3,200% on that day alone, almost all of it attributable to that single web page. However, this silver lining has a cloud: There was no call-to-action on my blog post. (Rest assured; there is one there now!)

Sure, some of these potential clients jumped from the post to my home page, but I lost the 62 percent of them who did not. Only 5 percent of my web traffic even bothered to look at my bio page. In fact, I am now cognizant of the fact that a call-to-action along with my contact info isn’t easy enough to find on every page of my website. I have some homework to do.

No one has time to read anymore (and yet we are always reading!), and the things we do read are now served up to us piecemeal. Your clients are in the same situation: They click on random headlines that pique their interest, and then close their browser tab when they are done reading – whether they get to the end of the article or post or not. If you want to increase the chances of landing new business, it helps to ask for that new business at every possible opportunity. You don’t have to sound like a smarmy salesman in your ask; just remember that you provide a service that only you can uniquely offer. It is not a service that is going to be right for everyone, but for the clients it is ideal for, it will be a difference-making thing. When you fully internalize that your services can help someone, doesn’t it make sense to make it easy for them to contact you?

Because I’m not going to leave out the CTA again:

If your business or organization – especially if you are a hospital or in the healthcare industry – needs freelance writing services, email or call Holly Hosler at 443-253-3897.

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