Holly Hosler has experience in crafting marketing copy that educates and informs so doctors have the confidence to partner with you for their patients' care.


Communications content that resonates with physicians and surgeons must strike the right academic tone. Often, it will include relevant citations from medical journals. This is where my scholarly proclivities - and several years spent in graduate school - are a boon for my clients.


I routinely use PubMed and UpToDate® to gain background knowledge on a given medical subject, to track down statistics or specific information, or simply to gain more insight into the research interests of a particular doctor or team. In addition to being familiar with AMA citation style, I am confident with writing in an academic register that is also mindful of explaining concepts that primary care physicians may be unacquainted with.

Some of the physician-facing communications media I have written copy for include:

  • Direct mail pieces

  • Online articles and web content

  • Doximity advertisements

  • Email communications

  • Clinical trials brochures (for marketing purposes)

The banner on this page contains some samples of communications addressed to physicians or scientists. If you need copy that spurs referralsemail or call 443-253-3897.


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