When you have an empty office, i.e. a vacancy on your marketing team, you may need a temporary marketing manager or director. With more than a decade's experience in planning and executing marketing plans, Holly Hosler can fill the gap until you can fill your open position. 


Because I know the hospital industry and its special marketing exigencies, I can jump right in when your marketing and communications team is short-staffed. I understand how to maximize media buys as well as how to use low-cost marketing tactics when budget is an issue. I have a wealth of experience in working with creative teams and encouraging them to produce their best work while meeting deadlines. Project management is in my blood, and I have the ability to keep track of multiple projects at various stages of development, without dropping any spinning plates.

Given my marketing management background, my clients often call me simply to sound out their ideas and get another marketing expert's perspective on their plans. My services can also be the ideal solution for businesses currently too small to have a dedicated marketing person or for the solo practitioner who could use some marketing counsel.  

If you are in need of temporary marketing assistance, let me send you a proposal about how I can help. Drop me an email or call 443-253-3897.

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