Do you already have a draft, but it needs ... something? Or maybe you know what you want to say, but you don't know how to say it. Holly Hosler can refine your copy and put words to paper that sound like your own.


I rarely receive a byline, and I'm fine with that. No one needs to know that I helped improve your copy unless you want them to.


The benefit of having me copyedit your writing is that it almost always results in a lower project cost. After all, as long as all of your content and message points are included in your draft, it's a snap for me to polish it. I truly enjoy taking an existing copy set and transforming it into writing that is clear, grammatically correct, and well-organizated.

A hospital leader I used to work with had a habit of asking all of her nurses to send me any patient-facing fliers for a copy review before having them produced and distributed. Copyediting is also a must for most writing produced by a physician, whether for a colleague or patient audience. I am experienced in finessing high-level, academic writing, either so that it can be more intelligible to a professional audience or rewritten in a manner than patients and their family members can understand.


Executives and physicians are busy people and often don't have time to think of exactly what they want to say. I have experience in crafting pithy and concise message points that take into account a leader's personality and the professional tone required by the situation. 


I once wrote a script for a video that a hospital executive was recording for a local TV station. As my boss reviewed it, she remarked that she could envision the leader actually saying what I had written; I had captured his voice. Indeed, he made only slight edits before sitting down in front of the camera.

The kinds of projects I most often copyedit or ghostwrite include:

  • Patient education materials

  • Executive speeches

  • Video scripts

  • White papers

  • Newsletter articles

  • Brochures and other collateral pieces

  • Web copy

  • State of the hospital summaries

  • Letters to patients, employees, members of the board, etc.

If you already know what you need to say but could benefit from some copyediting or ghostwriting help, send me an email or call 443-253-3897.

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