When it comes to your marketing content, hiring a writer like Holly Hosler, who is experienced in writing about medical topics, often saves time and translates into a lower cost for your copy project even as you reap higher quality work.

I am experienced in developing long-form copy sets that engage their intended audiences. I strive to write copy that stresses relevant information and makes audiences take action, whether it be choosing a hospital, complying with discharge instructions, or referring a patient for a specific service.

Items I most commonly write content for include:

  • Brochures

  • Direct mail pieces

  • Marketing materials (sell sheets, physician bio sheets, etc.)

  • Magazine articles

  • Web pages

  • Blog posts

  • Social media posts

  • Patient education materials

  • Scripts and speeches

  • Executive letters

  • Employee communications

  • Patient stories for in-depth testimonials

  • Medical meeting materials, especially PowerPoint presentations

To view a few samples of my content writing, check the banner on this page.

If you are looking for a healthcare-focused content writer, email me or call 443-253-3897.

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