In need of an integrated ad campaign? To do it right, you should hire an advertising agency that specializes in hospital and healthcare marketing. If that isn't within your budget, read on to find out how Holly Hosler can help. 


Many of my clients have in-house graphic design teams but do not employ corresponding employees experienced in developing advertising copy. This is where my background as an advertising account executive and hospital system copywriter benefits them.

You have probably been in the situation where there simply aren't enough marketing funds to pay an agency for the development of advertising creative and have enough left over for a sufficient media buy. By partnering with your designers, I can help develop a creative concept that highlights the strongest selling points of your healthcare service or product. Then, I'll write ad copy that's factual, medically accurate and cuts through the noise. 

My approach to advertising copywriting is strategic. My experience in the ad agency industry taught me how to research and develop solid creative briefs. A good creative brief can help advertisers avoid the pitfall of trying to make their ads "all things to all people," and develop ads that actually set them apart from their competitors in the minds of consumers.

I have experience with writing engaging advertising copy for the following mediums:

  • Print ads

  • Radio spots

  • TV commercials

  • Out-of-home billboards and bus tails

  • Point-of-sale signage

  • Direct mail postcards

  • Sales letters

  • Facebook ads

  • Google ads

  • Digital ads

  • Marketing emails

Additionally, my agency and marketing department backgrounds gave me opportunities to work on communications campaigns that included more non-traditional media such as:

  • Guerrilla marketing

  • Premium items (especially the creative utilization of items that people will keep and use)

  • Development of brand ambassadors

  • Internal advertising campaign kick-offs

  • Floor graphics and window clings

See the banner on this page for a closer look at some of my advertising copywriting. If you would like to explore my help in this area, email or call me at 443-253-3897.

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